What we do well

Today many options are available for shipboard communications. Finding the optimal solution can be both challenging and time-consuming. We can provide the expertise that will guide you through all the choices and opportunities. DonsöData can help with operation, installation and existing system upgrades. We can work as consultants and deliver complete solutions. For installation on new ships, we can find the right system for your needs. We work with both IP-based and analog communication systems. Last but not least, we manage and monitor system reliability.


Marine IT Services

We see the customer

We would be happy to discuss our extensive skills and network with you. These two elements form the solid foundation on which our company is based. What sets us apart, however, is our goal: put the customer first. We see the customer. That’s why we talk about customized solutions and the right solutions for the right customer. Communication is important to us and instead of serving the same product to everyone, we always find out exactly what you need and what you want. Quite simply, different companies need different solutions. And we also have the expertise and the network to be able to manage this knowledge.


Our maintenance agreement allows us to take care of systems for our customers. We ensure that daily operations run smoothly and that your systems are always updated. Below is a selection of the systems we work with daily. If you don’t see your system on the list, don’t worry; most likely, we can handle it too.

  • Server hosting
  • Server installations
  • Program installations
  • Copier installations
  • Virtual systems
  • Client installations
  • Printer installations




If you can connect with it, we can probably handle it – mainly through our own experts, but also with the help of our talented partners in communication and infrastructure. We work with both IP- based and analog communication systems.

  • VSAT
  • GSM
  • ISDN
  • VPN
  • WLAN
  • VOIP
  • TELE



IT support and Service

Our service agreement provides customers with access to our world-class IT support during regular working hours. If that isn’t enough, we also offer 24/7 emergency service.

Reliability and monitoring

Reliability is important. We believe that you think so, too. That’s why we focus on reliable products that both improve and protect. With our backup system it is always possible to restore your IT environment. Even with unforeseen events, our customers are in good hands. We can also offer affordable monitoring where we take the pulse of your system round the clock.

IT consultation

We take care of planning, needs analysis, new installation, upgrades and decommissioning of IT systems. We also help with license management and documentation.